Julia McIlvaine is an actress and singer for stage, screen and voice over. She enjoys horseback riding, swinging kettlebells, dancing, and binging netflix.  But most of all she is pretty amazed that you actually read this far.

She has been a series regular on shows on CBS, FOX, ABC, and has most recently been featured on Showtime's "Masters of Sex".

The Story


- "wonderfully written and performed, had me in pieces, must see view of the bard's most powerful characters." - Andy Pimm

- "Thoroughly enjoyable and deeply poignant. Beautifully performed. " -Gail Guest

- "An amazing perspective. This is very clever and hugely entertaining. Standing ovation. Gob-smacked audience." Tom Staveley

- "This is a really creative, funny and extremely well acted show and I could quite happily have watched it again had I not run out of time. Deserves 5* review and great audiences." -Robert Gareth Williams 

Where to now?

Julia has just completed the LOVE MASTERCLASS with world-renowned teacher and coach Bernard Hiller! It was a joint class and acting exhibition with the Ischia Global Film Festival (http://ischiaglobal.com/) on paradise island, Ischia, Italy! 


Julia is honored to have received the Masterclass Award for Best Actress this past weekend at the Ischia Global Festival! 


The acting from both Cronin and McIlvaine is the real reason to see this performance – McIlvaine’s anguish and yearning for her dead child is hauntingly beautiful to watch.


2010 - present
2010 - present

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​

Production Company | Project Name | 2023

Lead Actor​


Showtime | Masters of Sex | Dir. Colin Bucksey

"Nurse Trish Simpson" (guest star)

CBS | Danny

"Sally" (series regular)

FOX | Normal, Ohio

"Kimberly" (series regular)

Movies of the Week

Hallmark | The Summer of Ben Tyler | Dir. Arthur Allan Seidelman

"Nell Rayburn" (lead)

Hallmark | The Lost Child

"Caroling" (supporting lead)

Hallmark | A Christmas Memory | dir. Glenn Jordan

"Rachel" (supporting

CBS | Judging Amy

"Pamela Taylor" (recurring)


Pacific Resident Theatre | A Touch of the Poet

"Sara Melody" (lead)

LA Theatre Works | Pride & Prejudice | National tour

"Elizabeth Bennet" (lead)

Ruskin Group Theatre | Sideways | World Premiere

"Maya" (lead)

Voice Over

Nickelodeon | Kablam! | animation

"June Blam" (lead/host)

ArenaNet | Guild Wars | video game

"Magister Sieran"

Square Enix | Final Fantasy XIII | video game

Multiple supporting voices

Training &

Judith Shakespeare Co. | Scansion/Analysis | Joanne Zipay

LA Comedy Connection | Improv Comedy | Kent Skov

Academy of Theatrical Combat| Stage Combat | Dan Speaker/Jan Bryant

University of Southern California | Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts 

Special Skills

Dialects- American Southern (upper and lower class), British (all classes), Middle European, New York, French, Australian, German. Speaks Spanish, some French.


Mezzo soprano, horseback riding (English, western and jumping), dancing, snow skiing, sweep rowing, clubbell/kettlebell/bodyweight fitness training, fight choreography, NREMT/Wilderness EMT.